This is the personal and business Website of Stephen Wiley, son of Glen Wiley. If you want more up to date information check my now page.

For sale!

Bespoke Language Models

I have LLM training and inference infrastructure available. If you need a llama architecture language model trained or finetuned let's talk! mail It might be easier and cheaper than you think!

I also have a web accessible inference endpoint for an older six billion parameter GPT2 based foundation model and for Microsoft's "TROCR" attention based OCR model (which I use to digitize cursive writing in the notebook I carry instead of a smartphone.) Ask about pricing for access to this.

I'm currently experimenting with multi modal models that are able to combine pricing data with raw text news reports and data from forums to predict volatility in certain markets. I may be able to adapt some of my specialized tools to your application. I've been doing a lot of robotics and handwriting stuff as well.

Bespoke Software and Web Hosting

I've been programming for nearly two decades now and am fairly good at it. My resume is linked at the bottom of the page if you'd like to see my credentials. I can probably solve most problems you can think to throw at me.

I've done some pretty neat stuff in the past including the first "falling sand game" for the Wii (beating the official port by a week or so) and still one of the only multiplayer games in the genre. I have one of the simplest (and simultaneously most general and probable) Arduino compatible fieldbusses, I've worked on software you're probably interacting with now (either by using the internet or living or working inside a building) and have been on the cutting edge of some of the latest AI developments. I've done everything from small robot control executives to massive concurrent distributed systems. I've taught dozens of people to program and will probably continue to enjoy developing software for myself even as the US market for it continues to deteriorate.

For People Who are Lost

If you're not sure how to contact me: Everything goes to my email. If you text or voice mail me it just goes there too. MMS is provided via for your convenience as many people struggle with mail client UIs. I've had some trouble with AT&T failing to accept voicemail for my Richmond number. I'm not sure why that is but my 571 number is what you should be using anyway unless we're driving in a caravan or in a similar "real time" situation. The 571 number is also the Only number that works when I'm out of the country and the only one that will work with group chats.

You're expected to know where the index for your project is if it's not public. If you've forgotten the path or password please email

If you're looking for the Liberty University Robotics club: I'm no longer active after graduating. It looks like the club leadership unfortunately deleted the github organiztion, repos, and website (hosted using github pages) a few years after I left. You'll have to check with them to see where they host things now. They used to meet on Tuesdays in the lab space just South of the engineering department, ask around or check the engineering school's website if they've moved. I do not have a backup copy of the old site but I may have some of the older competition code for the Vex team if you're looking for that.

I no longer allow direct access to most devices from the public internet. If you know me and have a login you should be able to reach everything from the SSH jump host. Email me if you've forgotten the domain name.

The Mumble server should be online, try to schedule calls before joining as I might not be in front of my laptop.

I no longer use IRC, Twitter, Reddit, SnapChat, GroupMe, Google Hangouts, Facebook (although I do try to check that once a year), LinkedIn, HackerNews (although I do check the monthly "who's hiring" threads), Mastodon or Discord. There's just so little useful info on these and so much time wasting. On top of that there's the looming threat of people going through public history on sites like these looking for reasons to harass and defame each other. I've decided the best way to deal with this is to just not participate. I still am occasionally active on a handful of XMPP MUCs but you shouldn't count on me being there unless someone is paying me. The best way to reach me as always is email and I am active on the mailing lists, forums, and Github/gitlab repos although I usually make throwaway accounts for Github.

If you're one of my friends or exs that I stopped talking to around ~2020: I'm not avoiding you but I did lose a lot of my contacts during a failed migration between mobile phone OSes (also a lot of Apps are simply unusable without a non-free OS.) My email has been the same for 18 years and that is still the best way to reach me if nothing else works.

If you're looking to get started programming I wrote a letter to a friend a while ago with some advice for how to go about it. Some of it is opinion but I'd argue it's informed opinion.

Projects (currently migrating)

When I was younger I neglected to publish things I wrote (especially source code) and so most of it I've lost. Some of the interesting things I have written between ~fall 2014 and 2019 (While I was studying for my undergraduate degree at Liberty) that I am legally allowed to publish are available at, some smaller things (and not so small things such as the WaspOS smartwatch patches and ticket tracking program) written later are available in my self hosted public repo at and my web browser is currently also hosted there.

I've been doing much more securities trading lately and wrote a bookmarklet for sites that don't have a built in note taking function (like my brokerage.) You may also find it useful.

One of these days I'll consolidate all of that into something nice.

My Boat

I enjoy sailing and own a small sloop named the "Toria." She's one of the small number of 25 (23?) foot "Bayfields." Below is a picture of me sailing her to her previous port.

I've done a handful of upgrades including an all electric propulsion system. This means there's no longer any dangerous gasoline on board and no more engine failures! It also means you can cook things and enjoy hot coffee and warm electric blankets during the winter. There's also a miniature mechanical refrigerator during the summer! All this without shore power entirely from solar panels. I've also been experimenting with some portable air conditioning systems which I might offer for sale when I improve the user friendliness.

More information on the boat stuff and Float Plan pages.

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