What Stephen is doing now (summer 2024)


I'm currently working for another (not Verisign) internet infrastructure company on some open source software.


I'm living in Virginia generally and spend a lot of time Crusing the Patomac river on my sailboat. Currently I'm in the lower Patomac.

You can check the current Float Plan To see what I'm doing. I'll try to keep it updated.

Side projects

I've been working on a premium version of ticket tracker with a nice web UI. The CLI is already pretty nice IMO:

I'm also continuing a lot of my experiments with AI as an executive in the loop for robotics, as well as my handwriting recognition software.

I'm upgrading the hotel power on my boat, currently most things use the propultion power system since that's the only one capable of delivering more than about 100Watts of power.

I'm trying to publish a few more things as well. I think I have a fair number of things to say that are at least interesting if not helpful and the engagement should at least bring me more internet arguments.